NPO Registration Number: 183-130

Help us make South Africa a brighter place... one sack at a time

Do you ever drive past the poor, the destitute and the homeless living and begging on South Africa’s streets and want to help but not sure how?

Or perhaps you know of people in your community who are struggling to make ends meet and just need a helping hand?

Well, one young Johannesburg boy’s wish to reach out to people just like this inspired the creation of Simple Sacks – a family-run social investment initiative that makes up simple drawstring sacks filled with everyday necessities for people who need a little help.

Simple Sacks typically contain toiletries and other essential items, and are designed to make the lives of those who are struggling financially, a little easier.

If you want to help, donate towards a Simple Sack or two, and the Simple Sacks team will make sure they are delivered to the people who need them most.

Or if you know of families in your community who can’t afford toiletries and other everyday essentials, donate towards a few Simple Sacks for them.

Corporates can also get involved and help supply, or gift, Simple Sacks as part of existing CSI initiatives.

With Simple Sacks, there are so many opportunities to make the world a brighter place!

Donate towards a Simple Sack Now

We really believe we can make South Africa a brighter place, one Simple Sack at a time, and would love for you to join us on our journey!

Get Involved

If you’re a supplier of everyday essential items that could be placed in our Simple Sacks – then we need your help! We’re looking for suppliers who would like to sponsor or donate items to help fill our sacks.

Simple Sacks are also perfect for corporates looking to meet their CSI targets, add more value to their staff wellness programme or those wanting to give their clients something a little different to traditional corporate gifts.