NPO Registration Number: 183-130

The Team

Simple Sacks is a family-run social investment initiative. It comprises:

Sinjin and Christian Moffett

Chief Simple Sacks fillers

Nine-year-old twins Sinjin and Christian wanted to help the people they saw every day on their neighbourhood streets, and were the inspiration behind the creation of Simple Sacks. Today they fulfil their duties with absolute delight, and love unpacking and sorting all the essential items to pack into the Simple Sacks.


Susan Moffett

Founder of Simple Sacks and RealSimple Marketing

Susan is the brains behind the Simple Sacks and RealSimple Marketing operations. She provides strategic direction to the initiative, secures sponsored and donated items to be included in the Simple Sacks, and makes sure the two chief Simple Sacks fillers have done their homework before embarking on their Simple Sacks duties!



Mekateko Maluleka

Happy Simple Sacks filler

"Micky" is the Moffett family’s domestic worker and an integral part of the family unit. She lives in Thembisa and is mom to Ethan. She is not only passionate about her family, but interested in the world of business too. She has completed a one-year business admin course and is currently studying towards her HR diploma. 


Christina Mhlope

Happy Simple Sacks filler

Christina has worked for the Moffett family for more than 10 years, first as a domestic worker and, since the birth of Sinjin and Christian, in the RealSimple Marketing offices. She is Mom to Bafana and Mayisela, is an exceptionally hard worker, and always ready to learn something new.


Singatsho Sibanda

Happy Simple Sacks filler

"Bornface" has been part of the Moffett family for 12 years. Although his official designation is chief gardener, over the years he has assumed the role of family handyman and professional DIYer. He is incredibly patient and understanding, and spends most weekends tending the garden with Sinjin and Christian by his side.


David Moffett

Simple Sacks DJ and chief refreshment maker

IT and tech fundi David thinks it’s still 1985. Aside from indoctrinating the chief Simple Sack fillers into the amazing world of Knight Rider, Magnum PI and the A-Team, David is responsible for the slew of 80s music tracks that accompany most Simple Sack filling activities. Oh, and making tea and juice for the Simple Sacks fillers.