NPO Registration Number: 183-130

Sponsor Simple Sacks

Looking to buy Simple Sacks in your personal capacity? Great! Simply click the ‘buy now’ button and choose your Simple Sack – we have sacks for men, women, children and babies.

If you’re a corporate, we have 5 awesome ways for you to spread the love:

  • As a retailer or manufacturer, you can either sponsor the everyday essentials that go into Simple Sacks, or supply these products at cost (you can put that towards your CSI for the year)
  • Big businesses (or SMMEs, for that matter) that already work with social programmes for people in need can buy Simple Sacks to distribute to the beneficiaries of these initiatives
  • Employers with large staff complements of low-wage earners can purchase Simple Sacks for staff each month as part of employee wellness programmes (there is a distinct link between personal hygiene and workplace productivity, and in these tough economic times, hygiene poverty is more common than you think)
  • As a corporate, you can simply make bulk purchases of Simple Sacks, and we will distribute these on your behalf to deserving beneficiaries
  • Or you can bulk purchase Simple Sacks, give them to your staff, and allow employees to distribute them to those people in their immediate communities they feel need a little help

We can customise your Simple Sacks to suit any existing charity you support or occasion, such as back to school time for children or Women’s Day, and also provide branded Simple Sacks that feature your logo for inhouse or company-specific CSI initiatives.

We are a registered Non-Profit Company, contact us today to see how you or your company can get involved.