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Making South Africa a brighter place... one sack at a time

Susan Moffett, owner of marketing firm, RealSimple Marketing, is mom to 10 year old twin boys Sinjin and Christian. Although both boys had always shown concern for the homeless people they passed on the streets each day, Christian in particular had always wanted to do something to help these people.

"He feels deeply for the people he sees every day, and would often tell me how it worried him that these people lived on the streets without food or shelter. I realised I had to do something that would not only help less fortunate people in our community, but something that Christian and Sinjin could be part of too, that would allow them to feel they were personally making a difference," explains Susan.

Small gestures that can make a big differenceSusan went in search of an initiative that would allow people to easily help those in need and in a more sustainable way. She discovered projects overseas where NGOs made up small bags of toiletries, food, clothing or a combination of all three and sold these to the public who in turn gave them out to people living on the streets, or those facing financial difficulties. Susan took this global idea and evolved it to better suit the South African landscape. Instead of members of the public stopping to hand out bags, the Simple Sacks team does it for them, ensuring the most-needy in our communities receive these gifts of kindness. And to ensure that the personal connection of the original idea still remains, donors can select the Simple Sacks they want to donate towards – bags designed specifically for men, women, children or babies.

It’s a small gesture that for the beneficiaries we hope will make a world of difference.

A family affair

Simple Sacks is run as a family initiative, involving not only Susan’s husband David and their two sons but also the Moffett family’s domestic worker, Micky, their gardener, Bornface and Christina, the office cleaner employed at RealSimple Marketing’s offices.

Simple Sacks are branded drawstring sacks that typically contain soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, plastic bags, tissues, wet wipes etc. and are designed to help make life a little easier for those living and working on the streets, or who have fallen on hard times.